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feeling awfully dated
i don’t want to know
see how things have been fading
in and out of time

if the moment is wasted
you can’t bring it back
take me down when i’m faceless
break it all again

give me that overall 
i’m jaded, faded
it will give shelter to
the tainted heart


sailing on the darkest seas
saving the doubt for the inmate in me
the golden glow is way above me
shimmering through the cracks that i can see
turning the pages for the blind
burning bridges for the human kind

impossible to defend oneself
in the absence of good will


look i'm up here on the ceiling
looking down for a view
if i could i would conceil it,
i think, i can't do this anymore,

hanging from the ceiling of my life

you can't hear me
birds fly near me
they can't lift me up
all is fatal, arbitrary,
feel so heavy
fill me my last cup,

standing at the ceiling of my life
trying to find a reason to survive
guess i'm just a victim of my mind
hanging from the ceiling of my life

all of the implications ring a bell
i will not let it go, if you can't tell


unlucky fool
suffering pain
who can you turn to?
who will pick you up? 
there is no house 
there is no land
who will give you 
shelter in your need?  

things are getting gloomy
the storm is at the door
fate is but a dark hole
sucking up your hope
god keeps on pushing,
pushing all your dreams around


Far away, i am turning grey
Try to catch up with shades

Every Day feels like a wrecking game
As i stumble through the maze

Ref: elegantly wasted
Elegantly wasted

Roll around 'til up is down
I need to leave my broken Shell

On the run, look what i become
I'm Just a shadow in the dark


back in days when i was hiding alone
cold as a stone, i kept battering bones

time was skipping
life was slipping
i was giving you away

don’t turn away 
i cannot bare this decay
hiding my head
you cannot change what is said

stop erasing yourself

i will let you run 
i will let you hide
but don’t erase this night


going up to ten, you sink to four
rising up again, you fall once more

nothing's very far from underground
depravity will sink one level down

people passing by like floating germs
permeate my will with their concerns

sounds are leaping out their plastic mouths
i don't understand what it's about

who to where to why to sell this trash
turning all the worn out soil to cash

numbers in their hearts and in their minds
numbers are the content of theirs lifes

(lyrics by Bianca Calandra & Sicker Man)


i'm caught in a drift
of a raging sea
within my heart
a cold, tedious dart
that is aching me 
too deep to lift
and i'm taking a ride
for a better day
i'm stuck in waste

ref.: and you saved all my days
       to be grace, to be grace
       watery foes hold my tongue
       till i'm gone, till i'm gone
       burning me up, up in the sun
       in the sun, i belong
       burning me up, up, up in the sun
       in the sun, i belong

please help me survive
let me loose my doubt
i'm crying out
i see you can not be
what i hoped to find
you caught me blind


i will crack up the cage in my mind
i follow notions taking my time
all the kindness is said to be found
all my instincts have made me come 'round

but all i need is some kind o' scheme
to help me fill my mind
but all i need is some kind of dream
to help me fill my heart

fight the feeling of letting it go
but my temper keeps telling me so
all the kindness is said to be found
all my instincts have made me come 'round

but all i need is some kind o' scheme
to fill my mind with routine
but all i need is some kind of dream

to fill my heart with a new scene


too many words in it to see
how i can not wreck it for me
a troubled mind in double time, i get it

a willing part cycling aid
i will not be the one who's afraid

a troubled mind in double time, i get it


i took the road to take me where it leads
i took the implication that it breeds
i gave your heart the impulse of my mind
so you could be a splendor of mankind

never be a victim of your soul
never to be clutching in that hole.
never settle down in your imagination
never be immune to that constellation

all i ever wanted was a break
from all the casulties you make
crooked days and cool cat nights
it's just the faintest, bluest skies


even though i could never tell
you keep answering for me
even though i could feed the tide
i can't get up and rise

even though you could kill the spell
all my days will take it down
even though i can watch myself
fall into the drain

no one catches the tide
no one get's a free ride
nothing ever is plain
nothing's left here to gain


take a new
taming brew
to the light

i will be
at your sight

       all of my scemes keep wandering
       till my breath is a crippled death

all this true
pagan blue
in the night

i can't see
in this light

       all of my dreams keep wandering
       till my breath is a crippled death


the casual tempted turn
you feel a tender sun beneath my head will fade into the years 
never to be 

the honesty can hurt
a moment on the sideway of my heart can wreck it down too soon i'm tracking down the past

ref. : hiding in the past is what i tend to do
finding all the wasted years are stuck inside my head

can't say i will get far 
taking all the shiny stars above my head are fading and i can see the

never to be you
never to be me, inside that cage there is a little one keeping all i've done